Antique Sleighs

Siker Furniture has one of the largest collections of restored Portland cutters in the Midwest. A cutter is a winter sleigh vehicle that was built for superior speed and handling. The cutters were the corvettes of their time. The other major design cutter was the Albany style. The Portland sleigh was a boxier vehicle with a continuous sweepy arc along the dash to the back panel. The Albany sleigh has a watermelon seed design. During construction the nails were driven and countersunk into the curved frame. Unfortunately, the ravages of time created rust and most surviving Albany models have deteriorated. The buckboard in the Siker Furniture collection was an economical vehicle used in both transportation and cartage of goods.

The rarer John Deer reliable carriage is in the early stages of restoration. The design of this buggy is similar to the earliest automobiles. Also included in the Siker collection is a unique bob sled that has separate runners or a pivot.

When you compare the vocabulary of early horse drawn vehicles, you will understand that the automobile construction owes their descriptions from sleighs and carriages.

The dash was born on a horse drawn vehicle. Horse power started with one horse and grew to the hundreds in mechanical autos. Terms like station wagon, cabriolet, brougham, and dragster all made the lingo jump from horse to horseless automobiles.

Featured in the Siker Furniture collection are sleighs/cutters, carriages, bob sled, and a buck board of museum quality. Inspired by the talents of the staff at Siker Furniture are beautiful examples of Portland sleighs. Some of the cutters have doors. The Portland cutter with the ogee back panel was manufactured in Janesville. May these romantic rides bring smiles to the customers of Siker Furniture. We celebrate the quality and enjoyment of both our furniture showrooms and locally made Simmons mattresses along with the quality and enjoyment of early American transport.

We hope to bring some excitement to future weddings. Siker Furniture plans to give the seniors at local nursing homes the chance to go over the river and through the woods on a Siker Furniture Portland sleigh. Customers may enjoy a family portrait during the holidays with the smiles of sharing.

The simple wonders of the past are on display at Siker Furniture. May the jingles of joy amaze and inspire you as you inspect the ancient American artisans who assembled these horse drawn vehicles. These sleighs and cutters will be on sale as we acquire more horse drawn vehicles.

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